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Pam has delivered two of my babies and both were wonderful experiences. I loved the one on one care I received from her. When I was at my appointments or when I had questions from home, she would always take time to spend with me. She made me feel special when I was pregnant and what I was doing, carrying a baby, was the most important job I had to do. I felt like Pam loved my babies as much as I did and continued that love even months after  they were born. Pam was always very thorough and would spend extra time if needed to make sure everything was o.k. She has a deep understanding about pregnancy and the developing fetus. When my last baby was breech and posterior facing, she gave me exercises to turn him around so I could have a successful delivery at home.


My daughter was delivered under the care of Pamela Wright and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! She was very comforting and accommodating! Pam was always available to answer any questions I had, throughout the pregnancy and in the first months after birth, no matter how small and insignificant they seemed! She allowed my husband to be very hands on during the delivery and even catch his own daughter! I loved the very personal relationship that we had with Pam throughout the whole pregnancy and even several months after the birth! If you live in the Dallas/East Texas area and are looking for an amazing midwife Pam Wright come very highly recommended! And now she has a birth center which is totally awesome.


Pam was everything I needed and everything I wanted in a midwife! With my first child I had a more hands on midwife. I knew with this baby, I was an independent birther. I needed encouragement, but I also needed my space. Pam spent a lot of time with me before the birth of my daughter. She watched how my family functioned and knew both the strengths and weaknesses we each had. I had specific desires in how I birthed my daughter and what I wanted after birth. Pam was very respectful to my wishes and did everything in her power to help me have the birth I desired. My daughter’s birth was everything I had dreamed it would be! Everything went so perfectly! Pam allowed me the space I needed to birth while encouraging me and talking me through the contractions I needed help with. She also gave me the time and space I needed with my newborn daughter. She made sure not to interfere with our bonding experience, which was the most important thing to me. I will always be grateful to Pam for doing what she does with great knowledge, kindness and excellence!


I have had the wonderful experience of using Baby Bliss Birthing Center for both of my children.  When my husband and I started talking about starting a family, it was important for me that we found someone who cared about me as a person and was willing to help us in this new phase of our life.  Since I was older, I did not want to be characterized as a “high risk” pregnancy because of my age, so I was looking for someone who was willing to allow me to be myself and allow me to carry my baby and deliver my baby naturally in spite of my age.

 I found Baby Bliss Birthing Center on the internet and my husband and I called to set up a meeting with Pam.  We talked to her for over an hour and when we left we both knew that she was the person we wanted to use for our family.

 During my first pregnancy, my dad was very ill.  Pam was wonderful to always ask me how my dad was doing.  She knew that his illness was a stress on me during my pregnancy.  She was interested in what was going on in my life and spent a lot of our visits together talking with me about the things that concerned me.  She always was good about answering questions that I had concerning the baby, since this was the first for me, I had a lot of things to learn.

When my oldest daughter was born, we had to be transported to the hospital.  Pam came with us and never left my side until after my baby was safely delivered.  She supported me and also was my advocate with the doctor and nurses, making sure that they followed my wishes about my baby’s delivery.  Although it was not the birth I wanted, it was not a bad experience, thanks to Pam!

My second baby came about 19 months later.  We had a wonderful delivery at the birth center.  I was so excited to be able to have a water birth.  Pam and the other ladies were with me every step of the way.  We arrived at the birth center about 10:45 in the morning, and my second daughter was born at 2:20 that afternoon.  Pam was right there the whole time and she and the ladies took great care of me and my baby.  It was wonderful to be able to be there as a family & have my older daughter meet her little sister as soon as she was born.

I love the ladies at Baby Bliss Birthing Center.  They love their clients and want what is best for each of them!  I am so blessed to have found them!  I wouldn’t have my children at any other place.


I was 33 weeks along, I was completely stressed out puking blood because of stress primarily caused by my midwife at the time. I was at the end of my rope, exhausted, crying, hurting and just plain scared that I would have to birth at home without the help of a midwife.

When I called Pam I was sobbing after finding out my then midwife was going to transfer me to an OB if I didn't pay her in full by the time of birth. Pam to the rescue! She calmed me down and told me to meet her the next day at Baby Bliss Birth Center so we could talk. I went for my appointment that next day and was greeted with love, kindness, and understanding. I left my appointment feeling so relieved, like she took all of my worries away! I hired her immediately!

3 weeks later I fell ill and started preterm labor, Pam came to my rescue again and took such great care of me and was able to stop my labor. 3 weeks after that we got to meet our perfect baby girl ON HER DUE DATE! We had a very swift amazing water birth, all in the comforts of the birth center. Cheryl and Hannah are more like family than “staff,” and I would choose BBBC every time.

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